Something NEW is coming!

As a fashion brand that created in the pandemic era, Elima presents Modest Resort Wear label intended for all women regardless of body shape. Carrying the campaign "Real Women, Real bodies" brought Elima as one of the label that has DNA as a brand with movement. 

The realization of Elima is the dream and passion by 5 inspiring founders Natasya Mahidi, Sisca Siregar, Nazli Basuki, Devi Asmarasari and Laila Azra who wants Indonesian women to stay fashionable with covered swimsuits by using sustainable fabric while enjoying modern and multifunctional resort wear.

ELIMA has a meaning that invokes fairness, authenticity, and directness.


Save the Date for the launching
on 25th November 2021
in Tatler Indonesia Beach Soiree - 21st Anniversary event
at W Bali Seminyak

We also glad that TBF Consultant is part of ELIMA journey for 8 months consulting project.