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About Us

From women to women.

Being a woman has its own complexity, therefore in 2021 five women with different backgrounds were inspired to honor womanhood with an exclusive fashion label. Based in Jakarta, Devi Asmarasari, Laila Azra, Nazli Basuki, Natasya Mahidi and Fransisca Siregar founded Elima with the belief that their brand will support any woman’s confidence while also focusing their core in creating multifunctional designs marked by elegance, artistry and functionality.

The name Elima means ‘five’ in Hawaiian, as it is founded by five women. Derived from fairness, authenticity, and directness, Elima believes in the strength of women, supporting the cause against women’s violence and empowering young women’s abilities to lead not only at their workplace but also in life.

Our exclusive pieces have a strong focus on timeless and sophisticated designs, carefully designed by skilled designer, Wilsen Willim. With iconic eye shaped embroidery created by one of the founders, Laila Azra where she combines print and embroidery into our exquisite hand-finished pieces, evoking her personal artistry in traditional hand craft.

Elima celebrates all body types, whether muscular, curvy, or slim, each piece is designed to maximize both style and functionality for their wearer. Our colour palette and textures are inspired by seasonal trends, ready to accompany the modern woman in their daily activity.

Jl. Kerinci I No.1, Gunung, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12120

Whatsapp : (+62) 815 9905 555
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