Mindful Journey through Arts with Laila Azra

Laila Azra was born in the midst of the vast archipelago and now lives in the hustle of the world's trade routes, Singapore. She is an artist who was born in 1970 and successfully go through the world-class artist with her works.

In 2018, she was involved in Venice Bienalle with 1Nusa which represents a journey towards God. ”I believe that life is a journey toward God. The shape of the journey depends on our path and our existence comprises of choices that we make this is the canvas of life that has been given to each human”, she says. 

Furthermore, she explained that her style is abstract expressionism combined with mixed media to create texture and enhance the visual experience of the audience. The movement I use on canvases symbolizes life itself it can be smooth sailing or tumultuous yet create a harmonious overall result.

Her journey become more incredible with her work at The eighth Amsterdam Light Festival held at the end of 2019. Through her art about highlighting fame and the media, entitled: Feel Like the Kardashians. 

This light artwork is Laila's first and is her reflection on the disruptive circle that exists between the media, celebrities, and the audience. Due to its unique point of view, Feel Like the Kardashians bring a different side to this year's festival theme, Disruptions.

When she first heard about Disruption for this year's Amsterdam Light Festival, Laila immediately imagined the lights of paparazzi cameras flashing in her head, following the movements of the celebrities they targeted. This incident is actually very disturbing to the life of the subject and the object.

“The negative impact even reaches us, the viewers, who accidentally get involved in this correlation. The frenzy of the entertainment often distracts us from what is real in life", said Laila Azra.

The idea was then embodied in two parts of a wooden installation, each 12 meters long, depicting human figures and flashing camera lights. Each piece of Laila's work is placed opposite each other on the Amstel Stock.

Recently, Laila Azra is exploring her arts by presenting fashion for women. Her vision about to make Indonesian women stay fashionable with covered swimsuits by using sustainable fabric while enjoying modern and multifunctional resort wear with Real Women, Real Bodies campaign.

She and Elima carry a strong blend of art represented Real Women, Real Bodies by various fashion products at Elima. The characteristic of this fashion works is an abstract painting that represents the beauty of nature combined with natural styles such as the blue of the sea, the green of the trees, the beauty of the flower petals, and the swish of the wind on the beach.

The idea is then realized in several of Laila Azra’s fashion works in Elima including Kandara Kimono, Atami Kimono, Capri Dress, Antalya Kaftan, Oahu Pashmina, Lanai Pashmina, Kamali Swimwear, Santorini Shirt Dress and Manama Burkini.