Nusantara Collection showcased during Paris Fashion Week 2022

Nusantara is the Indonesian name of Maritime Southeast Asia. It is an Old Javanese term which literally means "outer islands" or generally taken as Indonesian Archipelago.

This time, we wanted to highlight luxury resort wear with more experiment yet still playful creating a paradox between 3 crucial elements (resort, upscale fashion and raw-organic). At the same time we widen our range with variable silhouette that are variable and fluid. A collection that cater to diverse body type and style, you could wear it down or style it up to look very casual or very fashionable.

All embroidery designs on Nusantara Collection are taken from beautifully hand-drawn abstract doodles by our co-founder, Laila Azra.

As we wanted to widen our audience, we are proud that Elima's Nusantara Collection (Fall / Winter 2022) was selected by Fashion Division Paris and showcased at The Westin Paris Vendome on March 5th during Paris Fashion Week.